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Ever since computers became popular, I've been very interested and wanted to learn more. My first computer was for a business I had and was very basic (DOS operating system), and very limited. As time went on my interest turned to graphic design, and eventually website design and coding, and alas the beginning of another journey. Over the years I've worked on lots of projects, from designing logos, creating menus, advertising, posters and labels to creating websites using my graphic designs. Learning to code web pages with html and java have been quite an experience, and with each new project I learn more.

I try to incorporate a few things into my websites, the first being a simple design, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. I try to stick with the basics and stay away from too many "bells and whistles", a clean, streamlined, professional website is what I'm looking for. I design and customize all my graphics so they're unique to that website, you won't find them anywhere else. But one of the most important aspects I bring to my web design are the photos. I've found there are not to many website designers that are photographers, and vice-versa. By combining the two this gives me an advantage.

My website projects are more of a side job, but thats OK since I have a full time job as a chef. I try to do mostly local area projects so I can take the photos needed without much travel time, and I like dealing with people in person. Completing a website is very satisfying, kind of like hanging one of my finished prints on the wall, and I'm proud to put my name on each one!

I use Go Daddy for hosting, they are a global company, and their service, reputation and up-time are exceptional. Some of the websites I designed are listed on the left for your viewing. For more information on website design, please contact me.

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