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I've written about some of my journeys on other pages of this site, and will explain just what they mean. We all have a path to follow in this life and no two paths are the same. The journeys I talk about are not places we travel to, but experiences that connect our body and spirit. They may be simple or complex, in nature or the city, affect young and old alike. They are like adventures that take us in different directions (or the same) throughout our lives, and I believe if you follow your spirit it will lead you on the right path. Mind, body and spirit working as one.

Jackie has always been very spiritual in her beliefs, where I am more connected to nature. We help each other and let our journeys lead us in life, which brings love, confidence, positive energy and enlightenment. It's kind of like your conscious telling you you're making the right decisions.

In January, 2011, I bought a cheap Didgeridoo, a new journey. I didn't know how to play it, but I knew it was something I needed to learn. It was actually quite difficult and required a lot of patience and practice. After a few months I could circular breath and kept getting better, so in October I bought a REAL didgeridoo from Australia. Sound and quality are amazing and really made a big difference for me. Playing the didgeridoo and the sound it creates gives me a feeling of being very connected to the earth and spirit, and I can use it for meditation as well. If you want to hear a didgeridoo or buy one of the best ones on the planet, visit the link below. They have lots of info on the Aboriginal culture and everything you ever wanted to know about didgeridoos.

I still play the didgeridoo every day, I even take it to work with me! Our life is what we make it, we can focus on the positive or negative. Some of us are based in logic with little emotion, and some with all emotion and little logic. If you can balance the two, stay positive and love life, you will shine. We all go through difficult times, and sometimes life can be very hard, but I feel what happens is going to happen, we can't change it. What we CAN effect is how we respond to it, that is living in the NOW, and is what we experience. We only bring one thing with us when we go home, our experiences. So make your journeys something you want to take with you!

On the left are some of my recent journeys with some stories and photos.

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