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I was born and grew up in the Los Angeles area the oldest of two boys, and at age 14 my family and I moved to the Klamath Falls area in southern Oregon. It was quite the change in climate (cold and snow in the winter) and surroundings, but I fell in love with the area and have been here ever since. We didn't have much money, but as a family we became very close and enjoyed the nature and animals this place had to offer. Since then I've raised my family here and now have grandchildren, and my wonderful wife Jackie by my side.

I finished high school and started working in restaurants, very eager to learn and later owned a restaurant I bought from a Japanese chef who trained me, and hence one of my lifelong journeys has been working with food, and continues to this day. Nature and animals have always been an important part of my life, not hunting and fishing, but more like exploring and experiencing. In the past I've been a hiker and mountain climber, a cowboy living in the country with three horses, an avid snowmobiler exploring the winter wonderlands, and a photographer capturing light. All these things are my experiences and ties to nature and the earth, and leads the way to new adventures.

Jackie and I now live on a ranch about ten miles south of Klamath falls, surrounded by crops in the summer and cattle in the winter, where most everybody knows each other and are always helpful. We've always had dogs and cats, they are like our children now and enhance our lives. As well as collecting rocks and crystals, we have an unconventional assortment of musical instruments we play, including didgeridoos, drums and Indian flutes, and so the journey continues...

All in all, life is good.

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